Fully automated vehicle and driver registration records management with seamless integration reinforcing tagging and tracking for road safety

Vehicle Solutions

TigerIT provides a range of solutions for the Transportation ministry to streamline the registration, inspection and enforcement process of vehicles using smart registration stickers (tags) on vehicles and a network of wireless, radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers that can communicate with those tags, even while the vehicles are in motion.

Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) solutions provide a technology platform that can dramatically improve road safety, enhance law enforcement, increase local and regional revenues, and improve traffic flows in busy cities and at national borders.

Vehicle Tracking System

The Vehicle Tracking System leverages RFID tags attached to vehicles (windshield and number plates) to identify vehicles on the move in real time.

RFID readers can be placed under existing foot over bridges, side of the road or making a temporary gate for vehicle tracking. It communicated with the vehicles tag and reads its data when the car passes the monitoring point. Cameras can also be used to capture license plate images when necessary and using character recognition to identify the vehicle.

Summary of data and reports are visible at control centers. Often multi monitors are used to display the movement activities with flexible options to view watch-list vehicles or specific areas.

Other advantages of the system include:

  • Easy RFID based Registration Verification by Police.
  • Commercial vehicle zone restrictions
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Criminal investigation and apprehension
  • Toll collection
  • Traffic management

License Plate Embossing

Once vehicle registration details are validated and sent to the process queue, the license plates are printed using the Emboss module. Operators are able to assign which pairs of machines will be used to emboss what type of plates from which region. For example, a machine pair can be selected to print only plates from a particular city and ignore the rest of the entries on the queue.

After the License Plates are embossed, they are checked for errors along with their RFID tags using the QA module. During the QA phase, if any error is found, the license plates are scanned and shredded using the Dispose module. A reprint slip is also generated at the same time. The license plates and RFID tags are packed once they have passed the QA phase.

Inventory Management Module

The inventory control module augments the Credential Management System by tracking the arrival and departure of all identity documents from the master stock. The system tracks booklet/document stock entry, usage and disposal. It keeps records of blank documents in stock, total documents printed, total documents discarded, total documents authorized, etc.

All vendor shipped box IDs and credential document IDs can be uploaded to system in CSV format and then verified with the boxes and documents received at personalization center. After personalization, ID documents are generally transported to various regions and the module facilitates this packing and delivery. By marking boxes with barcoded destination labels during dispatch and re-inventorying after reaching a regional center, it ensures that the documents and boxes reach the correct destination.

The inventorying process (at on-loads at offloads) is designed for maximum efficiency, with voice error messages so that the operator can carry on scanning, preferably with wireless scanner, unless an error occurs.

Driving License Examination System

This module supports the conduction and management of driving test exams, as a part of the Driving License registration process:

  • Creation of text question papers
  • Deploy a test
  • Attendee list management
  • Test Scheduler
  • Test score logging
  • Test results

Traffic Violation Tracking System

This module helps the police with traffic violation tracking and ticketing. Police officers equipped with handheld RFID readers and fingerprint matchers will be able to verify the car registration and the identity of the car owner.

While verifying the ID of an individual, police officials will have the option to see if the person has any outstanding violations or has been ‘forbidden to drive’ by the authority.

It is possible to transfer the violation records in the portable machine to the regional servers, via flash drive. Due to the sensitive nature of the information, the data will have to be exported in an encrypted format, before they can be ported on to the flash disk. The application will ensure that no data without encryption can be copied. When being fed into the regional server by an administrator, the system will again ‘import’ the file from the flash disk and then decrypt it accordingly.

MOTO-ID Handheld Device Application

This application has been designed to be used with a handheld device that can be used to search and retrieve vehicle information, scanning RFID tags, taking a photo of the car, etc. After the License Plates and RFID tags are personalized, the RFID tags are scanned before delivery and a picture of the vehicle is taken before the License Plates and RFID tags are delivered to the owner.

  • Login
  • Application Login Screen
  • Searching for vehicles by Registration Numbers or RFID tags
  • Users are able to lookup vehicle records by searching by the vehicle registration number or the RFID tag.

The application can be used to take photos of vehicles and save them in the system. The photos taken are stored in the system along with the rest of the information regarding the particular vehicle.