TigerIT is recognized for its excellence in key technologies, and efficient project management

We work in mission critical environments with large volumes of sensitive data, so our highly experienced team strives to reduce risk, improve performance and promote sustainable business. Government and state agencies rely on us in designing and implementing end-to-end ID management solutions. We bring innovation not only in our technologies but also in the way we manage our projects and deliver our solutions. Our expertise in consultancy, project management, training and support combined with our relentless quest for customer satisfaction through on-time, on-budget and on-spec delivery of complex turnkey solutions, has earned TigerIT an enviable reputation in the industry.

TigerIT builds on its experience and specialized skills to provide national scale IT solutions. It has deep insight in biometrics information involving large population. With dynamic partnerships, TigerIT provides turnkey solutions that are sustainable and meet international standards.


TigerIT builds on its experience and dynamic partnerships to provide robust and sustainable national IT solutions.

Proven ability to carry national projects worldwide

TigerIT has deployed national scale solutions in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Brazil and Canada. We have experience in dealing with huge amounts of sensitive data and in handling the complexities associated with large scale projects. Our solutions are designed for

Deep insight in biometrics information involving large population

For the Voter Registration Project of Bangladesh Election Commission prior to the national election in December 2008, TigerIT system enrolled over 80 million people voters in 11 months and full de-duplication was carried out in less than 3 months. This sets the bar for TigerIT expertise of dealing with very large population datasets.

Proven track record for Customer Support

TigerIT has a proven track record for providing responsive customer support in many different projects. Our solutions come with 1 year of maintenance warranty and project owners often subscribe for extended support.

Continuous Innovation and Development:

We have highly skilled biometric experts as well as international consultants dedicated to product development and biometric research.


Over the years TigerIT has formed excellent working relationships with reputable vendors in the horizontal industry, including Oracle, Oberthur Technologies and CrossMatch Technologies.

Adherence to international standards

TigerIT is ISO certified for product development and QA. The different software modules meet necessary international standards, including ISO, ICAO, and NIST standards for photo and biometric capture, fingerprint matching and so on.